Monday, July 20, 2009


We took a quick trip (if you want to call a 12 hour car ride quick) to Corpus Christi Texas over the weekend to visit Grandpa Bates. I was so excited to have him meet my wild little cowboys and he seemed to really enjoy their company, especially Theodore who sat still long enough for everyone to enjoy. We packed in quite a bit those few days besides visiting Grandpa. The first night we were there we had dinner with Ryan's Cousins and Aunts and Uncle, it was a full house! We enjoyed some texas beef bbq and played catch up with everyone while Buck chased cousin Adair around Grandpa's house.

Friday we hit the beach for a picnic after Buck and Ryan took a detour to the aquarium to look at the shoes(ie - Fish). Aunt Terri and Hillary found a great beach for little ones - shallow, calm, and beautiful. We ALL got in, T tried swimming for the first time and Buck really enjoyed himself and went far out into the water with Mimi - so brave! Ryan and Terri caught baby shrimp and crabs - super cool. Theodore fell in love with Hillary and Buck now has aspirations to play the guitar like cousin Ryan.

Saturday we took the boys to the king ranch saddle shop and the kings inn restaurant which had great seafood. Buck LOVED the put the quater in pony at the store, he rode 4 times - BUCKAROO!!

We had a great time with everyone and we were so glad to be there. We swear Theodore was happier in Texas than Tennessee, maybe we should start calling him Tex.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Busy Boys!

We got some Cute pics of the boys on the couch and I couldn't decide which to post so here are all three. Buck loves to sit with T, and asks for the baby everyday and helps with bottles, in Buck's own special way.

These two cannot stop, just action all the time. We finally caught Buck escaping from his crib on camera. His crib is now put away and he slept in his big boy bed last night for the first time! Our friends are letting us borrow a plastic car bed that looks like a VW beetle it is so cute! It was a challenge for him to go to sleep at first but he was really proud of himself in the morning. I am not too sure what this is going to do to our naptime, but we will see.

Buck Reading Theodore a Story.

Buck and Theodore play together more and more each day and Theodore is getting good at letting Buck know when to back off. He recently started running Buck down with his walker when Buck torments a little too much. I might laugh out loud about this a little too much for Buck's taste, but I make sure to kiss the boo boo's

Now he is really cool - 2 cell phones!!! Buck is just a phone call away from talking to himself!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July fun

We had a LONG and exciting weekend. It all started Friday Morning when we woke up to bangs, and it wasn't fireworks. We thought Buck was banging his crib but the sound was off, we quickly realized it was his bedroom door. We looked at the monitor and my stomach sank Buck had escaped from his crib!! He was trying to open his door to get us. I had to see how he accomplished this fete and put him back in the crib, he immediately fipped his leg over the side turned himself around and scaled the side of the crib to the floor like a pro. I would video it but I am not encouraging this, we can still lower the crib, I might gain a month more of sanity - lets keep our fingers crossed.

The rest of our weekend was busy, we had a playdate with Declan on Friday night that was so much fun for Buck. Then a pool party on Saturday and a Party at the Farm with a gaggle of little girls on Sunday. Buck really liked seeing Kate!

Theodore is still a breath away from Crawling and we just unleashed his independence by pulling out the walker, we have never seen him so happy. He and Buck are really starting to interact and it is so much fun to watch them play.