Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Theodore Time! (and some more preschool pics)

Theodore is really changing and getting his personality. I call him quite trouble. He is just as busy as Buck was at 9 months but he goes about everything very quietly and almost innocently. He is a climber and is starting to be quite the dare devil. He loves Buck and they play really well together, Theodore knows when to back away and do his own thing, especially when Buck does not share.

Climbing the chair, and yes he has almost made it into that pack and play

Double trouble

He is always so happy!

Being Super silly

He KNOWS he is really super cute!

Buck is doing really well in Preschool and I am very proud of him. WE are excited for family night in a few weeks where we get to tour his classroom and then go to the bookfair!

Still raining, Buck just wants OUTSIDE!

Buck in the Birthday Crown, we brought cookies so his class could celebrate

Fireman Buck, I know this was HUGE for him

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Birthday Fun!!

Buck had his 2nd Birthday this weekend! We had a fantastic time celebrating and I will keep this short as there are a gaggle of pics to follow. I can't believe he is already 2!

A 64 piece tool set, Buck is excited and I am nervous!

Theodore thought it was his party, I didn't tell him otherwise, he was sooo cute!

Birthday man and his pit crew

Our guests

Buck having an awesome time

My Neighbor made the coolest cake ever!!!

Theodore enjoying Buck's Party!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My poor babies were sick at the beginning of the week, Buck had a virus nad Theodore was sent home from school and after a quick doctor visit it was determined he had not only an infection but pink eye too. Yuck. Poor Theo has also been teething bad but his hard work and sleepless night have paid off - he has 2 bottom teeth - YAY T!! He wont let anyone see his teeth yet, but I can feel them. Both boys are feeling great now and trying to get back to their regularly scheduled sleep patterns, I have faith that it wont be long and we can all sleep through the night, in our own beds at least once this month :)

Now that we are all well we can look forward to Buck's birthday this weekend! 2 years old already!

I took some pics of the boys in their camo, they are some mighty handsome hunters to be!

Here are the latest and greatest pics of Buck at Preschool, I love to see him interacting and having fun. He has only been 3 times and I can see how he is learning and advancing.

At Music

He LOVES the water table

A very artistic Buck painting Glue on his flag - he really liked this activity

Monday, September 7, 2009

Long Weekend Fun!

We had a great week, Buck is still enjoying his Preschool. They post pictures of the day on the website and I was able to snag these shots of Buck playing at the water table and making his red circles - which I thought was pretty cool!

Our best story of the week took place during our impromptu Pizza night. Buck loves pizza
(Pete -Zey he calls it) so since we forgot to defrost some meat, we got to have pizza on Wednesday night. Buck was very excited but we did not expect what would happen next. While we were getting all of the plates on the table, Buck folded his hands over his plate and said Amen, we realized we needed to stop and say the blessing. They say the grace at school at lunch and Buck reminded us we need to say it at dinner too, I was very proud of him!

We spent Saturday at the farm! We had so much fun, Buck went gatoring while Ryan dove hunted. T and I stayed cool in the house but got out for a few gator rides ourselves. Buck got a fishing pole at my baby shower, we decided this was the weekend to crack it open - Buck is a natural born fisherman, I do not know how mimi kept up with him. He went to the fishpond and would not leave! Luckily every cast was a score since we tied a plastic fish to the rod :)