Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009!

We had a fantastic Christmas. It was great to see Buck get the whole holiday. HE was very excited for Santa and helped bake cookies. Theodore was excited to eat the leftover cookies he found on Santa's plate the next morning. It was a busy season but we had fun going to parties, seeing family, making crafts and celebrating Jesus's birthday. Buck LOVED singing happy birthday to baby Jesus, he had made a baby Jesus at preschool, I have a pic below and it is so sweet! I hope everyone else had a great and wonderful holiday. Happy New Year!
Buck and his Superhero PJ's! The Boys love the Choo choo!

Christmas Morning

Theo and his breakfast - Cookies! He loves his Cart, and so does Buck!

High T taking a spin! Theodore watching Ellies back!

Buck loving the baby Jesus he made at Preschool!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Birthday High T!

Wow - One Already! This was the fastest year ever but Theodore is officially one! We are planning on having a "real" party in January for the big guy but wanted to do a little party for him to celebrate. Having a birthday a week before Christmas is hard, but now he gets 2 parties - go high T! We had a great time and invited our friend Leila over with her parents for Ravioli and cupcakes! It was a blast - Theodore is really growing up, he is ready for that sippy cup but don't dare take away his Pacifier! He loves his Rocket from Aunt Melissa, Aunt Rachel and Grandpa Ralph!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Why I smile on the Tough Days

It was a regular busy day of work and spending time with the boys, I went to go check my mail and came back to find Buck just like this. I love it! There is also a pic of Hi T, equal airtime on the blog :) T is getting so big, he will be 1 in just a week, not sure where all of that time went.