Sunday, August 30, 2009

8 month check up and Preschool

Theodore had his 8 month check up and is nice and healthy. He was in the 90th percentile in weight (shocker - lol) and 75th-90th percentile in height. He is really moving now too, he is a professional at crawling and is pulling up on everything. He is also just starting to cruise but this is hard at our house at it has been toddlerized and there is not much to cruise on. He is babbling and has a strong affection for puffs!
We have been busy getting back into our schedule now that PDO is back in session. Our big change this fall is that Buck is in Preschool 1 day a week. I LOVE his school and wish I could go with him. It is nice for THeodore and I to get our mommy and T time, he really enjoys that and I do too. Buck's first day of Preschool was a success, and he is very excited to go back this week, he says "preschool" every day and it is really the cutest thing he has ever said.

We also went to India Fest this week and Buck had his first taste of ethnic cuisine. He did ok, but the event was packed and very overwhelming for my little ones, we will definatley give it another go next year!

First Day of Preschool Family Picture for Bucks School

Monday, August 17, 2009

Picture Pages!

We made it through another week sans PDO and Mimi and survived to tell about it. It was busy in baby land too, not only did Will arrive but my niece Madeline did too - Welcome to earth guys and gals!!

One of the things Buck and I look forward to is our craft time while Theodore takes his morning cat nap. We have done sticker projects coloring and this week we decided to try finger painting! Buck had so much fun! And I had a good time watching him. He took the project very seriously.

Buck has also figured out how to take pictures on the digital camera, here are some examples of his excellent eye.

We spent Saturday at the farm and were excited to see the progress on the new house! Buck had a great time Fishing and playing on the toys while Theodore and I lounged inside.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Cars and Cookies

Well we survived week one of the boys out of school. Hooray. I have to give allthe credit to the Movie (MOOMIE as Buck says) Cars. HE LOVES it. He just points to the TV and say cars repeatedly until i turn it on. We also tried to kill sometime making chocolate cookies - because I am a genius who loves to clean up a cup and a half of cocoa powder off of everything in a 50 mile radius. Buck had a blast though. We have also been catching a playdate here and there and hitting up the Childrens Museum.

Theodore is Pure Awesomeness and is really getting around and keeping himself busy, He loves to pull up and is turning into a little boy, yes that was a tear you felt :( These babies grow up so fast.

Speaking of babies - Welcome to the world William Luke!! And Madeline should be following suit anytime now. Its a great week for cousins to be born!
Two for the road! Theodore is so cute all the time!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

Schools out for Summer!

I love pics of the boys together

We had a great week. The boys did a great job helping me celebrate my birthday and we all had a lot of fun. Ryan outdid himself and brought home a chocolate cake - WITH my name on it on Wednesday, it was super awesome. We spent the evening playing with the boys watching them ride on their ponies (or zebra not to get too technical). On another cake note Mary Ann made the most indulgent cake for my birthday, i wish I had a picture - It was a 2 layer round butter cake with Chocolate and Carmel filling, chocolate frosting and Pralines poured on top. It was just WOW!

I have lots of pics of the boys and one of my cake that Ryan brought home - I was so impressed.

My wonderful cake from Ryan

Missing Texas, Cowboy T rides again!

Cowboys - zebra included

My mom was sweet to remember how much fun she had with us at the Childrens Museum earlier this year - that she sent a family membership for my birthday. It was perfect timing since parents day out is OUT for 2 whole weeks. I took the boys Today and Buck had the most awesome time until his mean old mom made him leave. Buck's favorites are the Grocery store and the firetruck. He wont leave the firetruck without me pulling and prying his fingers off the steering wheel just to run in record time back to it. He LOVES the firetruck! I have a feeling we will go back several times this week!

Theodore asking why he can't shop too :(

Buck the thrifty shopper

Theodore is officially not only crawling (in his own special army way) but he is also Sitting up on his own AND pulling himself up to stand at his toys. He is tough I think all he wants to do is just take off running so he can tackle the Buck. For now Theodore just runs buck down in his walker but Buck came up with a solution to that - ride the walker!! It is genius!