Saturday, February 13, 2010

February Frenzy

Wow, I cannot believe that February has almost come and gone! What a busy month it has been for us with Snow Days, Sick Days and (Finally) School Days. The boys are growing up so fast, they do something new to amaze me every day. Buck is a riot, he is talking in full sentences now and is learning so much about the world. He just recently gave me my first "i love you mommy" and that was incredible for me! Theodore is growing up faster than I can take, he honestly thinks he is Bucks age and will not settle to be treated like a baby. He is talking incredbly well, he can sing all of twinke twinkle, It floored me the first time he did it, I had no clue. He is really picking up on all of Buck's catch phrases but is still very much his own person. I love how much they play together and when Buck sees Thoedore after school he always runs up to him, gives him a big hug and says "love for Hi T" - super sweet.

thought this was a neat comparison below. On the left is a pic of Buck from Easter of last year and the right is Hi T now.