Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We had a big weekend. On Saturday we went to the Cedar Hill Farm's Pumpkin patch with Buck's Friend Charlie and could not have had more fun. There were Pony rides (Theodore's Favorite)Pig races, a chicken show, a petting zoo (Theodore got his hand bitten by a donkey) a "train" ride, and a hay ride to a field of Pumpkins (Bucks fave). There were lots of other activities too that we passed on like a corn maze - no i would have seriously lost the kids for good. And the best part Funnel cake for Momma - loved every bite!

On Sunday we had our annual Pumpking Carving get together and it was awesome. No one carved this year - the kids painted and stickered their pumpkins. It worked out great and no sharp objects were running around the backyard.

This week Buck has a trip to the pumpkin patch with his Preschool Class and then 1 costume party and a birthday party on Saturday. Next week will be filled with Parents Day out and Preschool halloween parties, a fall carnival and trick or treats- whew - it is going to be busy. I never broke out my camera for the pumpkin party but did get some good pics at the Pumpkin patch!


  1. The boys look precious! So sad we missed the pumpkin party this year, Ellie and I had so much fun last year. You guys ARE going to be busy- hope you have fun!!

  2. OMGoodness!!!! The picture of the 2 of them needs to be blown up. It's so precious with Buck sitting on the hay and Theodore next to him! Man, you guys have such a fun and exciting life - we're boring. Ha!