Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Fever

Its has been like summer here already and the boys have Spring Fever! We have been eating
Popsicles and gardening at home. The boys have really had a fun time with that, even if HI T looks maniacal with a grape Popsicle. Buck has been a real big helper with his dada, following him everywhere and pitching in on yardwork. His new found love is worm hunting, he is very good at it and torments me with the wiggly ones.

This Weekend we spent Sunday at the Farm to see The Pennel's, Cousin Kate and the New House. We had so much fun! Theodore explored every nook and cranny while Buck and Kate went fishing. We had a pre lunch gator ride that everyone love, Buck loves to "farm the gator" (drive the gator). We got some great pics.

Gator Ride was a Hit!

Crimson Clover and Hi T

Backyard fun!

Popsicles are our favorite treat


  1. I wish I had a field like that!! What a great place for photos.

    Loving that grape Popsicle!! Too cute Hi T.

  2. Love it! Can't wait to get home and be able to wear our summer clothes too - love ya!

  3. What pretty pictures!! Are the flowers at the farm? Both boys are adorable!!!